Amigurumi Video Tutorial: Zombie Finger

Autumn is here, the leaves are changing, the air is humid and fresh, and all the fun holidays are coming! =D

The first one to sneak up on us is Halloween! (Boo!) If you're plotting a party you know you need one of these: a spooky fun amigurumi zombie finger!

Follow along the video tutorial below and make your own! =D

On the next video we'll attach the nail to the finger, shape the finger and add a little detail to make it even more ghoulish! =D  

Don't forget to share your creations!


Pet Toys from Yarn Scraps I

Every time I finish a t-shirt yarn project I end up with scraps that I know that I won't be able to use in a new project, but I keep them just in case! If you are like me here is your chance to finally put them to use and make your pet even happier with these fun toys! =D

Note: Originally I wanted to share all the toys together in the same post, but because it was turning out to be a long post, and to be easier for you to find them I decided to separate them into two posts. This is the first part and latter this week I will post the second part. Enjoy! =)

Interactive Pet Ball                                                                                                                                                 

Interactive cat ball toy


  • 8mm hook
  • T-shirt yarn
  • Galvanized wire (diameter of 1.8mm)
  • Craft wire
  • Wire cutter
  • Yarn needle
  • Sewing needle and thread
  • Felt
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Small toy (preferably one that rattles)                                                                                                                                                  

Abbreviations (US terminology):

  • Rnd: round or rounds
  • st: stitch
  • ch: chain
  • slst: slip stitch
  • sc: single crochet
  • hdc: half double crochet
  • inc 2: increase by working two stitches into the same stitch.

Cups (make 2)

The cups are worked in continuous rounds. Don't join rounds at the end. You may want to use a marker to indicate the beginning of the rounds. All stitches are worked in both loops and over the galvanized wire.

Ch10, slst to the 1st st to form a circle

Rnd 1: 16hdc in the circle     (16st)

Rnd 2: (1hdc, inc 2) x 8     (24st)

Rnd 3: (2hdc, inc 2) x 8     (32st)

- 2sc, 1slst, needle join and weave in ends.

Panels for the First Cup

The panels are worked in rows. All stitches are worked in both loops and over the galvanized wire.

Panel 1

Row 1: join with hdc to where you made the needle join at the end of the cup, 7hdc, ch2, turn (8st)

Row 2: 8hdc     (8st)

- Finish off and leave a long tail.

- Bend the wire over the last row, cut with a bit of excess wire.

Panel 2

Row 1: Skip 3 st to the left of the first panel and join with hdc, 7hdc, ch2, turn     (8st)

Row 2: 8hdc     (8st)

- Finish off and leave a long tail.

- Bend the wire over the last row, cut with a bit of excess wire.

Panel 3

Row 1: Skip 3 st to the left of the second panel and join with hdc, 6hdc, ch2, turn     (7st)

Row 2: 7hdc     (7st)

- Finish off and leave a long tail.

- Bend the wire over the last row, cut with a bit of excess wire.

Panels for the Second Cup

The panels are worked in rows. All stitches are worked in both loops and over the galvanized wire.

Panel 1

Row 1: join with hdc to where you made the needle join at the end of the cup, 7hdc     (8st)

- Finish off and weave in ends.

Panel 2

Row 1: Skip 3 st to the left of the first panel and join with hdc, 7hdc     (8st)

- Finish off and weave in ends.

Panel 3

Row 1: Skip 3 st to the left of the second panel and join with hdc, 6hdc     (7st)

- Finish off and weave in ends.

The two halves should look like this:

T-shirt yarn puzzle toy ball

Assembling the ball

Interactive pet ball toy tutorial

1. Bend all the wire tips and cover them with the felt using the hot glue gun.

2. Place the small toy inside the ball. I chose a plastic ball that rattles.

3. Place the 2 halves on top of each other making sure that the correct panels are aligned (remember that one of the panels, on each side, only has 7 stitches).

4. Use the long ends left at the end of the first half of the ball to sew the 2 halves together. Make sure to catch the wire left on top of the panels on the first half.

5. Sew all the panels and weave in ends


Pet ball toy how to

1. Cut a length of craft wire long enough to make a circle to cover the windows between the panels. Leave excess wire on both ends.

2. Wrap the excess ends on the opposite sides of the wire, closing the circle. Make sure the tips of the wire are flush.

3. Make a slipknot on your hook.

4. Yarn over. Secure the yarn with your fingers to make sure that it doesn't slide.

5. Insert the hook into the circle.

6. Yarn over and pull up a loop.

7. Yarn over.

8. Pull yarn through all loops on the hook. The first half double crochet is completed.

9. Continue to work half double crochets into the circle until it is completely covered. Needle join to the first stitch and weave in the ends.

10. Sew the circle on top of the window covering its edges. Repeat for the other two windows to complete the ball.

Here is a taste on what's coming in part 2:

Leeloo is enjoying all her new toys!!! I'm sure your furry buddies will too!!! =D

This Week's Favorites - Christmas

Christmas is approaching! I think that it's time to make some beautiful ornaments! Here are some suggestions!

Choir of Angels by Lorna Watt from Knits for Life

These cute little angels seem so concentrated on their singing, I almost can ear them sing! =)

This pattern was designed by Lorna Watt and is available at her Ravelry page


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This Week's Favorites - T-Shirt Yarn

Hello crafty friends! =D

Lately I've been working a lot with t-shirt yarn and loving it! =)

Here are some of my favorite projects made with t-shirt yarn.

The Rainbow Rug by Meg McElwee

This colorful rug was made by Meg McElwee at Sew Liberated.

Cup bases at Yumicha

The tutorials for these cute cup bases are available at Yumicha. These were made in knitting but they can easily be made in crochet too!

Milano Handbag at Hooked Zpagetti

The pattern for this cute little bag is available at Hooked Zpagetti.

Have a great weekend! =D

This Week's Favorites - Crochet Flowers

Currently I'm working on two orders that use mainly dark colors, so I felt the need to see some brightly colored work =)

Crochet Flowers by Carmen Heffernan

Crochet Flowers by Carmen Heffernan

The tutorial for these bright flowers by Carmen Heffernan is available at Mollie Makes.

Crochet Flower Garland Beads

Crochet Flower Garland Beads by CRKdesigninfo

The video tutorials to make this beautiful garland is available at Craft Craft and on CRKdesigninfo's Youtube channel.

Crochet Flower Motifs by Annie Design

Crochet Flower Motifs - Crochet Garden Series by Annie Design

Crochet flower motifs by Annie Design

Crochet Flower Motifs Orange Lime Red Aqua by Annie Design

Both Crochet Flowers Motifs (Crochet Garden Series and Orange Lime Red Aqua) were designed by Annie Design and are available at her Etsy store.

Have a colorful and bright weekend!!! =D

This Week's Favorites

Hi all! I'm back!

Still not at 100% but getting there =) Well enough to pop on here and share some beauties!=)

Candy Apple Amigurumi by LeFay00

The only word I can think off when I look at this pony is: Cute! ^^

This super cute pony is the work of LeFay00 at Deviantart. Check out her Deviantart page for more cute projects!

How to Insert a Zipper and Lining into a Crochet Purse by Carrie WolfNeed to apply a zipper and lining on your crochet bag and don't know how? Check out Carrie Wolf's tutorial, it's detailed and full of pictures and easy to follow.

This Week's Favorites

Riley's Magic Elf

I know that Christmas season has passed, but I say it's never too late for super cute little Elfs!

Kimberly at Seriously Daisys made this cutie by altering the Ernie and Erline Elf design by Deb Richey at Crafty Deb. She even wrote down the changes she made on her Ravelry account!

Knitting Octopus by Max at Max's World

I love this knitting octopus! Sometimes when I'm working on too much projects at the same time I wish I had more arms to work on them all. =D

The Knitting Octopus is available at Max's World and at Max's World Ravelry page.

Loop and Nub Stitch

Check out the tutorial for this easy and fun way to use two colours in your amigurumi at Needle Noodles!

Have a fun weekend!

This Week's Favorites

 Owl Granny Square by Sarah at Repeat Crafter Me

The tutorial for these lovely granny squares is available at Repeat Crafter Me.

Crochet Puppy HatCrochet Puppy Hat by Sarah at Repeat Crafter Me

The pattern for this fun hat is available at Repeat Crafter Me.

Little Baby DragonLittle Baby Dragon by Pii Chii

The pattern for this cute baby dragon is available at

Have a great weekend!

Free Amigurumi Pattern: Rudolph Christmas Reindeer

Oh wow! This is my first holiday season since BuddyRumi began and I never thought things would get so crazy! I heard about it, I read about it, but living it is a totally different thing!

So as you might have guessed by my little vent above, I've been swamped in crochet this month! The hook is practically a sixth finger by now. So because of this extra busyness this month I'm going to relax a bit in terms of posting as regularly on the blog, but every time I've got some news I'll pop in and let you know! 

Today I bring you the pattern for Rudolph, the cutest reindeer ever!

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Hi guys! It's time to reveal my favorite Pins from the last weeks!

Favorite Piece

27-28-577B Merino Wool Blanket by Pierrot (Gosyo Co., Ltd)

I really like this blanket and its colors! It really feels warm and cozy! And the pattern is available at Ravelry!

Favorite Tutorial

Crochet Hemp Basket by Joanne.L

I really like to mix different materials in one piece, and Joanne over at Craft Passion did it beautifully with this basket! Check out the tutorial!

Favorite Amigurumi

Orange dragon and his baby by Olga Farberova

I don't know what to say about these guys other than what the picture already reveals, that they are really super cute and fun! I love them! Congrats Olga!

Happy crocheting! 


Hi everyone! Welcome to the first edition of Pinned, where I share my favorite pins of the last two weeks!

Favorite Crochet Stitch

Spike Cluster Stitch

I really like the spiked look of this stitch especially with contrasting colors like in the image above.

Favorite Technique

Photo © Synnøve Olava Gleditsch

Embellishing with slip stitches is a technique that I use many times with my buddies. It is simple to make but makes the difference.

The tutorial is in Norwegian but it has a lot of pictures and with help of the translater is easy to understand.

Favorite Amigurumi

Dracula knitting pattern by Fiona Goble

If I knew how to knit he would be in my project bag! Love him!

Tell me what you think about this new series!

Happy Crafting!