Happy Holidays!!! =D

Hi crafty friends!!!

I just popped in to wish you all Happy Holidays!!! A super fun New Year full of happiness and joy!!! =D

December has been a crazy month, full of work, orders and deliveries! I felt a little like Santa's elves! =)

It has been great! I have lots of new things to show you!!! In the meanwhile have fun and enjoy this magical time of the year!!!

See you soon!!! =D


This Week's Favorites - Christmas

Christmas is approaching! I think that it's time to make some beautiful ornaments! Here are some suggestions!

Choir of Angels by Lorna Watt from Knits for Life

These cute little angels seem so concentrated on their singing, I almost can ear them sing! =)

This pattern was designed by Lorna Watt and is available at her Ravelry page


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Amigurumi Pattern: Rooney the Reindeer

Here is Rooney, the reindeer! =)


He is the perfect buddy to help us celebrate Christmas! He is so cute!!! ^^

His bottom and knees are specially designed so he can sit perfectly in that special place reserved just for him in your home! ^^

Reindeer Closeup.jpg

Here is a close up so you can admire all his cuteness in detail! =D

Reindeer Back.jpg

And to top it all he has a super cute little tail which goes perfectly with him!!! ^^

Holiday Gift

Thank you for all the support you've shown along the way of this great adventure!

Remember to use the code BRXMAS20 until the 31st of December over at Etsy or Ravelry in order to benefit from a 20% discount on all purchases!

Happy Holidays for you and for your loved ones!


Free Amigurumi Pattern: Rudolph Christmas Reindeer

Oh wow! This is my first holiday season since BuddyRumi began and I never thought things would get so crazy! I heard about it, I read about it, but living it is a totally different thing!

So as you might have guessed by my little vent above, I've been swamped in crochet this month! The hook is practically a sixth finger by now. So because of this extra busyness this month I'm going to relax a bit in terms of posting as regularly on the blog, but every time I've got some news I'll pop in and let you know! 

Today I bring you the pattern for Rudolph, the cutest reindeer ever!

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In my Project Bag

Remember that little half sphere from last week?

Some stitches later... this is what you get:

Rudolph Christmas Reindeer Free Crochet Pattern
Rudolph Christmas Reindeer Free Crochet Pattern

Well, now I'm sure you can see what's going to turn in to. =) Yes it's Rudolph! (Notice the red nose! ^^)

I just need to finish one antler (that dark brow is being really hard on my eyes... ) and you get yourself the cutest Christmas ornament ever! =D

Rudolph will be available as a free pattern during this week so be sure to check back to get him! I'm sure you can find a special place on your tree for him! ^^

Happy crocheting!

In the Works - December

Before I get in to what awaits us for December, let's take a quick look at my favorite buys of November!

This month my favorite materials were the white boucle yarn I used for the details on Christmas Elf Amy's clothes, and the variegated yarn I used for the slipper boots!

Boucle yarn white.jpg

The boucle yarn, because of its structure, makes it very easy to make a special details. Love it!

Winter Print Yarn.jpg

I really liked how colorful the boots came out and really like the effect of this yarn! 

And now, what you've been waiting for: What's going to happen in December!

As you know, I've already finished Christmas Elf Amy, and the pattern will be available very soon. The pattern will also include the pattern for the little gifts. The pattern for the little gifts will also be available for free here and on Ravelry (also very soon).

I also have two more projects I want to make in time for Christmas and that I'll make available for free here and on Ravelry

Next week I'll make the announcement for a monthly activity/contest I'm thinking of starting next year, I'm just fine tuning some details. I think it will be lots of fun and will be a chance to get to know all of you and for you to get to know me! The only thing I can say for now is that it has to do with our passion for amigurumi! So don't miss that! =D

And of course there will be the Holidays, the geting together with family and friends, the festivities... I can't believe that's that time of the year already!

So, summarizing, remember to check in to catch the new patterns and updates!

Happy crocheting!

In my Project Bag

Hi everyone! Hope you had a great weekend!

Mine was special, it was my birthday on Saturday! ^^ We gathered the family for lunch and a fun afternoon around the fireplace! It was great!

Time is going by so fast this year! It seems like it was summer yesterday and now Christmas is right around the corner! 

That reminds me: Christmas Elf Amy is finally finished! I wasn't able to take pictures but I promise I will very soon. She is a cutie pie!

She is right here beside me sending you all big kisses! =D

She is also preparing gifts for Christmas! I'll show them as they become ready! Here is one:

christmas giftThese little gifts will be available as free patterns soon! And there are more to come! 

The Periodic Table Blanket continues to grow, it wont be long before it is done! I can't wait to see it all together!

This week is going to be a busy week for me, so don't worry if I'm more quiet than usual.

Happy crocheting!

In my Project Bag

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? Lots of crocheting done? =)

For me, as you might have guessed from Friday's tutorial, it involved starting to put the Periodic Table blanket together. =)

It gave me great pleasure to see all those little squares come to form a much bigger object. As you can see from the photos it isn't all put together yet, but we're getting there. =)

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In my Project Bag

Hi everyone! Hope you had a great weekend!

This weekend I decided to take a break from all things crochet/blog/computer related and get out of the house. On Saturday me and my family went out for lunch and had lots of fun! It's so good to see everybody together! Yesterday me and my mom went out for a 9,5km walk in the morning.

Today I'm back full of energy to jump right into my crochet!

First of all I want to show you the needle case I've been making for my mom. Yes, it's finally finished!

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In my Project Bag

Hi everyone! Hope you had a great weekend!

Lets see what I'm up to!

The Christmas Elf is coming along great! All that is left to do is to make her Christmas hat which is almost done!

The needle case for my mom is almost over but I'm undecided on how to make the closure for it... I wish I could show you so you could give me some ideas but I know that my mom will read this and then the surprise would be ruined =( 

I'm also blocking the final pieces of the Periodic Table blanket, but the weather here has been so humid that it has taken a long time for them to dry. In the next Light Bulb I will make a tutorial on how to put the rectangles together! So stay tuned for that! 

In addition to working on these, I'm also finishing some slipper boots for my hubby. These boots are based on the boots that my grandmother used to make for us every year for Christmas. She can't crochet anymore and forgot how she used to make the boots. I made it my mission to figure out how to make them, and last year I did it! I figured out the pattern in time to make a pair for my father for Christmas. Now I want you to have the possibility to offer these super comfy and warm slippers to your loved ones so I will make them available as soon as I finish the ones I making now!

crocheted winter slipper boots
crocheted winter slipper boots

I really like the effect of the variegated yarn =)

What projects are you working on for Christmas?

Happy Crafting!

In my Project Bag

Hello everyone! Hope you had a beautiful weekend!

Here is dark and rainy =( Sun, come back!

And to take my mind out of that why don't I show you what I've been working on?

Since last week I've made some progress on the Christmas Elf.

Christmas elf 2.jpg

Her outfit is coming to be really cute!

I finished the last "churro" (that's what hubby calls the rectangles before being blocked =) ) for the Periodic Table Blanket.

Periodic table blanket 2.jpg

Churro anyone?

I also finished the structure of the needles case I'm making for my mother, but I still want to had some embellishments before giving it to her. I'll post pictures of the case after I give it to my mother.

I still have more ideas for more Christmas projects, lets see if I have time to make them.

Happy Crafting!

In my Project Bag

Hello everyone! Hope you had a good weekend full of good fall/Halloween treats! =)

Welcome to one more peek into my project bag to see what I'm up to. This week I'm working on Christmas projects since I want them to be available to you as soon as possible so that you can start organizing your holiday gift lists. 

You can't tell much from the image yet,  but these loose pieces will turn into a really cute Christmas Elf Mouse Girl.

Christmas Elf.jpg

Can you tell I adore mice? =)

I'm still working on the Periodic Table Blanket. I only got to finish this green rectangle and another blue one. And of course put it all together. I can't wait to see it all together!

Periodic Table 2.jpg

Finally, I'm working on a super secret project that I can't post pictures of, because I know that the person that I'm going to give it to reads this blog (yes, I'm talking about you mom ;) ). Well it's not all that super secret, my mom asked me to make her a case to put her knitting needles in, but I still wasn't able to complete it with all the other projects going on. But now its almost over! Just needs some final touches =)

I will post photos after my mom sees it in person. Don't want to ruin the surprise for her =)

This is what's going on at the moment. I still have more ideas in mind but I wasn't able to start on them, maybe next week we'll have a peek at those!

Soon I'll have more updates on other ideas for the blog, hope you like them and that you will give me your thoughts on those.

Happy Monday!