5 Halloween Amigurumi and Crochet Patterns Roundup

1. Zombie Fingers (Free Amigurumi Video Tutorial)

Zombie amigurumi fingers, crochet video tutorial

Complete your Halloween decorations with these super fun crochet zombie fingers, or frighten someone hiding them in a strategic place! On the 1st part of the video tutorial we will crochet the finger and nail, and on part 2 we will shape the finger, attach the nail and add a little detail to make it even more gruesome.

If you prefer written instructions you can find the pattern here.

2. Raz, the Bat (Amigurumi Pattern)

Amigurumi bat crochet pattern

Raz specialises in hanging in a quiet corner and swooping down unexpectedly to greet you with his big black wings and pointy teeth… to give you a big hug and smile, of course!

3. Disguise Mask (Free Crochet Pattern)

Free crochet pattern, glasses with moustache and nose

No mask for Halloween? Go with a classic! Grab the pattern for the Disguise Mask with nose and moustache here! It’s free!

4. FrankenPurse (Crochet Pattern)

Frankenstein monster trick or treat bag

The perfect partner to go trick or treating with! Crochet FrankenPurse and let him carry all your candy for you!

5. Buddy Wallets: Spooky Edition (Crochet Pattern)

Spooky crochet wallets pattern, mummy, pumpkin, Jack Skelligton, Frankenstein, bat, vampire

Don’t have time for a full blown event for Halloween this year, but still want to have fun? These spooktacular wallets will keep you in the spirit of the holiday without taking too much of your time! They are easy and quick to make! Maybe you’ll have time to make one or two for a special friend as well!

Hope you enjoy all these boo-tiful patterns and have a great, full of fun, Halloween!

If you make any of them try it on Pinterest, share on Instagram or Facebook and don’t forget to tag me (@buddyrumi)!

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Amigurumi Video Tutorial: Kitty Got my Key - Part III

The third and final part of the amigurumi kitty keychain is here!

Today we are going to assemble kitty's ears, legs and tail, and attach the keychain! Let's go!


All you have to do now is to place your keys on the keychain or hang kitty on your bag! =D

Send me pictures of your kitty and share them on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the #mybuddyrumi (and/or tag me: @buddyrumi)! I love to see how everyone's buddies come out and how you make them your own! Also, I will post them on Pinterest! =D


Stitches and Techniques Guide Now in French!

Maintenant en Français! =D

The Stitches & Techniques Guide now has a French version!!! =D

Thank you so much to Clémence Bes, from The Knitting Marmotte, for her wonderful work on the translation!!! Merci beaucoup Clèmence!!! ^^

Now I'm working on the translation to Portuguese! I'm also working on updating some of the tutorials and pictures, and adding some new tutorials in all three versions (English, French and Portuguese)! A lot of work awaits! =)

Télécharger le Guide des Point & Techniques 

This Week's Favorites - Christmas

Christmas is approaching! I think that it's time to make some beautiful ornaments! Here are some suggestions!

Choir of Angels by Lorna Watt from Knits for Life

These cute little angels seem so concentrated on their singing, I almost can ear them sing! =)

This pattern was designed by Lorna Watt and is available at her Ravelry page


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This Week's Favorites - Owls

Hello crafty friends!!!

Owls are very present here where I live, we can see them in the telephone poles and wires when the sun starts to set and we can hear them through the night! Recently they have been very active and we can hear them vocalizing a lot and on several occasions it seams to be more than one!

Inspired by this rise in owl activity I though I would share with you some of my favorite amigurumi owls! =)

Jip the Owl by Tessa van Riet-Ernst from Woolytoons (free pattern).

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This Week's Favorites - T-Shirt Yarn

Hello crafty friends! =D

Lately I've been working a lot with t-shirt yarn and loving it! =)

Here are some of my favorite projects made with t-shirt yarn.

The Rainbow Rug by Meg McElwee

This colorful rug was made by Meg McElwee at Sew Liberated.

Cup bases at Yumicha

The tutorials for these cute cup bases are available at Yumicha. These were made in knitting but they can easily be made in crochet too!

Milano Handbag at Hooked Zpagetti

The pattern for this cute little bag is available at Hooked Zpagetti.

Have a great weekend! =D

First Anniversary Blog Giveaway!=D

Hello Happy Crafty Critters!!! =D

I started this blog one year ago today!!! It has been a lot of work and a lot of fun too!

Since then some things have changed, for the better I hope ^^. A lot of tutorials were made, a lot of techniques and projects were shared, and new friends were made!!!

To thank you all for all you support I want to give you the chance to win a BuddyRumi pattern for free!!! =D

Leave a comment below! Tell me what you think about BuddyRumi, what you like, what you don't like, why do you come here, what do you think could be changed to make it better... or any other comment you want to share! =)

There will be two winners!!! The winners will be chosen at random at the month (leave your email when writing the comment). The pattern will be sent by email after I contact the winner and ask what pattern they want!!!

Happy Crafting!!!

BuddyRumi's 1st Anniversary


Blog anniversary giveaway

The celebrations for BuddyRumi's first anniversary have started!!!! =D

It was one year ago that this great adventure started and now one year latter I'm still as excited as I was in the beginning! I have many more patterns, tips and tutorials to share with you all!!!

Thank you for all the support and incentive!!! ❤ Thinking specially in all of you we are offering a great batch of goodies!!!

Check out the gifts we have for you:



Oh, and on the 11th of July pop on here for more surprises, just for you, my readers! ;)

Wishing you a crafty day!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Free Amigurumi Pattern: Rudolph Christmas Reindeer

Oh wow! This is my first holiday season since BuddyRumi began and I never thought things would get so crazy! I heard about it, I read about it, but living it is a totally different thing!

So as you might have guessed by my little vent above, I've been swamped in crochet this month! The hook is practically a sixth finger by now. So because of this extra busyness this month I'm going to relax a bit in terms of posting as regularly on the blog, but every time I've got some news I'll pop in and let you know! 

Today I bring you the pattern for Rudolph, the cutest reindeer ever!

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Free Amigurumi Pattern: Disguise Mask

Hubby and me rocking our disguises.

Don't have a costume for Halloween? Fear not, I've got a super quick and fun disguise for you!

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Free Amigurumi Pattern: Zombie Fingers

As I had told you in the last In My Project Bag edition, this project was inspired by my mom who while cooking almost chopped her finger off. So I made her one that she could always "use as a backup" if she ever needed it =)

And as it was promised here is the tutorial! It is super quick to make and is the perfect final touch for Halloween decorations!

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