Studio Stories: Queen of the Castle House Pattern Finished

Accompany me while I finish the Queen of the Castle House! 

I've been working on this pattern since 2016 and this day was hard to come, but it finally came and I wanted to share it with you! =D

Crochet Patterns: Gir and Fox Crochet Hats

Once again in the forefront on the war against the cold, I bring you exciting news:

The patterns to make the Gir and Fox crochet hats are now available!!! They are super fun and cute, the perfect weapons against cold and grey days! =D

Gir crochet hat

The Gir crochet hat goes great with the Gir crochet scarf and the Gir crochet wallet

Fox crochet hat

While it keeps you warm, maybe you can finally find out what does the fox say! ^^

Gir Hat Crochet Pattern
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Fox Hat Crochet Pattern
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Crochet Pattern: Buddy Wallets

As you can see I've been really busy finishing one more pattern!!! =D

I present to you the Buddy Wallets! Check out the video at the bottom to get to know them all!!! =D

Crochet buddy wallets

These cuties are perfect for gifting your friends and family!

Crochet owl

Besides cute they are easy and quick to make, and practical too! 

Totoro crochet wallet

They have a zipper so that nothing falls out, and two compartments for more organisation.

Meet the gang:

Amigurumi Pattern: Topo Gigio

Topo Gigio amigurumi

Do you remember him? He is Topo Gigio, the sweetest mouse you'll ever meet! ^^

At first he was requested to me by a mother who wanted to gift her daughter, and, after, by a grandmother that wanted to surprise her granddaughter.

This sweet little buddy left a lot of memories in many of us! ^^ 

Topo Gigio
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Hello 2014!!! =D

Hello crafty friends!!!

I hope you have a super 2014 full of health, joy and crochet!!! Hehe =D

2013 was a great year, BuddyRumi grew and took on new challenges. For the first time I started to make finished buddies and not only patterns (that really made a diference this December)! For now the finished buddies are only available through local stores but I'm thinking of making some available through Etsy too.

With all these new challenges some of the pattern releases have been delayed but have not been forgotten. I hope you'll be patient with me and wait a little while longer as I finish the patterns for the Tree Trunk Shaped Cat House and the Periodic Table Blanket.

In 2013 I made some of my favorite buddies so far!

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Amigurumi Pattern: Rooney the Reindeer

Here is Rooney, the reindeer! =)


He is the perfect buddy to help us celebrate Christmas! He is so cute!!! ^^

His bottom and knees are specially designed so he can sit perfectly in that special place reserved just for him in your home! ^^

Reindeer Closeup.jpg

Here is a close up so you can admire all his cuteness in detail! =D

Reindeer Back.jpg

And to top it all he has a super cute little tail which goes perfectly with him!!! ^^

Pet House Pattern: Kitty Kat House

Cat crochet t-shirt yarn pet house

Tell your furry little friends that the Kitty Kat House is ready! They will love this super fun, cozy and warm house to curl up in and dream for hours!!!! =D

The house has a comfy cushion inside!

Kitty Kat House
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Amigurumi pattern: Raz, the Bat

The pattern for Raz is ready! 

He is a fun and friendly guy and he's waiting for you to come get him!

Amigurumi bat crochet

Amigurumi bat crochet

He likes to hang around in the weirdest places! His little special paws allow him to do just that! =D 

Crochet amigurumi bat

Crochet amigurumi bat

When he is cold he uses is wings to protect him!

Crochet halloween amigurumi

Crochet halloween amigurumi

And sometimes he likes to stand upright, just to see how we humans see the world! =)

Get him and live the most exciting adventures with this new partner!

Raz the Bat
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Amigurumi Pattern: Heart ❤ Shaped Flowers

Amigurumi crochet flower

The perfect gift that will last forever! Doesn't need to be watered and thrives in any light! =D

Crochet flower in yarn pot

You can make the petals heart-shaped or oval and you can customize the message in the sign as well! Perfect for gifts, keepsakes or celebrations!

The pattern includes instructions on how to make the yarn pot and sign, and how to use a ceramic pot if you prefer! =)

Heart Shaped Flower
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Halloween Fever

Woke up this morning with a strange sound. A whisper that seamed to say braaaaaaaaaiiins... Opened my eyes and this is what I saw:

Oh no! Rumi has got Halloween fever! He has been practicing his zombie walk all over the house!

Well, I couldn't sleep anymore and so decided to get up. When I got to the studio caught Totoro and Happy trying on the disguise masks!


I guess Rumi isn't the only one with Halloween fever!

What about you? Are you feeling feverish? =)