Off the Hook: Amigurumi Diddl and Owl Crochet Wallet

This guy was requested by a friend and was a really fun amigurumi project to work on!

I love him! =D

Amigurumi Diddl crochet plush

Although he came out much bigger than I had anticipated at first, I really love him! It was one of those projects where you come up with new ways to do things, all comes together really well and the end result is gorgeous! ^^

Diddl crochet hand

I love his little hands! ^^

I can't wait to make the pattern so you can enjoy him too! Oh and he is not going to be alone!… ^^

Crochet owl wallet

Another crochet project I finished this week was Mr. Owl Buddy Wallet! He is going to be a birthday gift, hope the birthday girl will like him! =)

Have a lovely creative day! =D

Crochet Pattern: Buddy Wallets - Spooky Edition

Preparing for Halloween? Here are six spooky buddies you can't celebrate it without! 

Buddy Wallets Spooky Edition, crochet wallets, purses and card holders.

These crochet buddies will keep your valuables safe while you're out trick or treating, no one will dare to look inside!

All have a zipper to ensure that nothing falls out, and, apart from Frankenstein, all have two compartments to help you keep more organized! They are 13x9cm (5.12x3.54 inches).

They are quick and easy to make, cute and practical, the perfect gift! =)


In My Project Bag

Strange noises are coming from inside my project bag… I think it's haunted!!! =P

These past few weeks I've been working on my new crochet project: Buddy Wallets - Spooky Edition.

Frankenstein crochet wallet

First up had to be Frankenstein, one my favorite ghouls. ^^

First I wanted to make him scary but he just took control of my crocheting and he came out the sweetest Frankenstein ever! I love when this happens, you look at your work and they tell you what they want to look like! =D

Mummy crochet wallet

Now I'm working on the second spooky buddy, the Mummy. I made him with a off white colored yarn to give him a dirty and weathered look. He's got this crazy eyes that I love but I'm not sure on how to make his mouth… maybe he will tell me… =)

Vampire crochet wallet

While the Mummy doesn't show me how he want's his mouth, I started on the third buddy. The yarn is a really pale grey that I think will be look great for this eerie buddy's skin! (The photo came out darker.)

Appart from these three guys I already have sketched out three more buddy wallets perfect for Halloween! They'll be available to buy on Etsy and their patterns will be bundled up in a spooky pack on Etsy, Ravelry and Craftsy! I will let you know when they are coming out so you can run… to get them! Hehe =P

Off the Hook: Amigurumi Puppet and Crochet Wallets

Hello everyone! Let's see what amigurumi and crochet wonders I have ready to show you! ^^

First up is one of my favorite projects I made so far this year! The horse puppet! =D

It was the first time I tried to make an amigurumi horse and the first time I tried to make a puppet! I love challenges and I loved making him!

Amigurumi horse puppet

I made this little buddy for my nephew, he is two years hold, and he needed a puppet to accompany a music he chose at the kindergarten. He chose a music where a horse is the main character and, like the good aunt that I am, I made him this little buddy! At first he was afraid of him, but now he loves him!!! ^^

Crochet horse puppet

To play with him we insert the hand on the back of his head, where there's a special compartment, and move his mouth with our fingers.

Amigurumi puppet

I wanted to give him a really fun look so I made him a wild mane and tail with felt. I love the end result and I love to see my nephew play with him!!! ^^

Secondly I want to show you the new members for the second volume of the Buddy Wallets. After the success of the first volume I decided to make a second one! So far I have three new buddies! =D

Minion crochet wallet

I love the Minions and they couldn't be left out! I love how he came out! I love the eyes and glasses, and his little pocket in the front!

Personalized minion crochet wallet

This one I made for a friend that wanted the name of the child on the wallet. I made the name with felt and sew it to the back with the blanket stitch, all wallets can be customized like this one! =)

Pig crochet wallet

The second addition to the new Buddy Wallets is this sweet piggy, but don't let him fool you, he has a secret...

Piggy crochet purse

… his nose is very special, it can hold small objects separate from the main pocket!

Crochet wallet little bird

For the third member I decided to have fun with colors and shapes! I made this sweet buddy with bright tropical colors and for his beak I made a little heart! So cute! ^^

Well, that's all I've got for now!

See you next time everyone! Have a great weekend! =D

In My Project Bag

Hello everyone! It's time again to show you what I've been working on!

First thing I want to show is the progress I made on the On the Road crochet cat house. I've been working hard on it these last weeks and it's coming together really nice. I'm really loving making it! =D

Vintage caravan pet cave

The front is already completed and waiting to be assembled.

On the Road t-shirt yarn  house

The back is almost ready, I  just need to make the boarder and finish the support.

T-shirt yarn cat bed

The rest of the house is composed of a really long piece of t-shirt yarn (the longest I made so far!) that makes up the floor, ceiling and sides of the house.

I love this house and I can't wait to see it finished! =D

The second thing I want to show you are the new Buddy Wallets I'm working on! They will be part of the second volume of the Buddy Wallets crochet patterns! =D

Pikachu crochet wallet

I'm working on a Pikachu wallet, which is almost completed. I'm not completely happy with his ears, I'll will have to test several models and choose the one I think is the best.

Crochet purse little bird

The second crochet wallet I'm working on is a little birdie. He is sweet and cute, and I really like him! ^^ 

I usually use a black zipper for the crochet wallets but I think this little guy will be really cute with a soft yellow zipper. =)

And that's all for now, gang! ; )

Keep on crafting!!!