Amigurumi Video Tutorial: Zombie Finger

Autumn is here, the leaves are changing, the air is humid and fresh, and all the fun holidays are coming! =D

The first one to sneak up on us is Halloween! (Boo!) If you're plotting a party you know you need one of these: a spooky fun amigurumi zombie finger!

Follow along the video tutorial below and make your own! =D

On the next video we'll attach the nail to the finger, shape the finger and add a little detail to make it even more ghoulish! =D  

Don't forget to share your creations!


In My Project Bag

Strange noises are coming from inside my project bag… I think it's haunted!!! =P

These past few weeks I've been working on my new crochet project: Buddy Wallets - Spooky Edition.

Frankenstein crochet wallet

First up had to be Frankenstein, one my favorite ghouls. ^^

First I wanted to make him scary but he just took control of my crocheting and he came out the sweetest Frankenstein ever! I love when this happens, you look at your work and they tell you what they want to look like! =D

Mummy crochet wallet

Now I'm working on the second spooky buddy, the Mummy. I made him with a off white colored yarn to give him a dirty and weathered look. He's got this crazy eyes that I love but I'm not sure on how to make his mouth… maybe he will tell me… =)

Vampire crochet wallet

While the Mummy doesn't show me how he want's his mouth, I started on the third buddy. The yarn is a really pale grey that I think will be look great for this eerie buddy's skin! (The photo came out darker.)

Appart from these three guys I already have sketched out three more buddy wallets perfect for Halloween! They'll be available to buy on Etsy and their patterns will be bundled up in a spooky pack on Etsy, Ravelry and Craftsy! I will let you know when they are coming out so you can run… to get them! Hehe =P

In my Project Bag

This week was all about wings and hair =)

Codrin 4.jpg

If you guessed that he was a bat you were right! =)

I'm really pleased with the shape of the wings, it came out just the way I wanted them! I love it when the amis come together so easily, it's like they know how they are supposed to be. =)

Now I'm working on his ears, and it won't be long until you can have a weird-feet buddy of your own!

Rag Doll 3.jpg

After all the studying and experimentations with curly hair I decided to use the heat gun method for the rag doll's hair.

What are you working on? I really want to know! =)


Hi everyone! Welcome to the first edition of Pinned, where I share my favorite pins of the last two weeks!

Favorite Crochet Stitch

Spike Cluster Stitch

I really like the spiked look of this stitch especially with contrasting colors like in the image above.

Favorite Technique

Photo © Synnøve Olava Gleditsch

Embellishing with slip stitches is a technique that I use many times with my buddies. It is simple to make but makes the difference.

The tutorial is in Norwegian but it has a lot of pictures and with help of the translater is easy to understand.

Favorite Amigurumi

Dracula knitting pattern by Fiona Goble

If I knew how to knit he would be in my project bag! Love him!

Tell me what you think about this new series!

Happy Crafting! 

Halloween Fever

Woke up this morning with a strange sound. A whisper that seamed to say braaaaaaaaaiiins... Opened my eyes and this is what I saw:

Oh no! Rumi has got Halloween fever! He has been practicing his zombie walk all over the house!

Well, I couldn't sleep anymore and so decided to get up. When I got to the studio caught Totoro and Happy trying on the disguise masks!


I guess Rumi isn't the only one with Halloween fever!

What about you? Are you feeling feverish? =)