Pet House Pattern: Queen of the Castle House

New pattern alert!!! The pattern for the Queen of the Castle House is now available on the shop!!!

T-shirt yarn cat bed

She's the Queen of the house! She's the Queen of our hearts! So I guess it's only fitting that her home should be a castle!

Queen of the Castle cat cave

Because I want my Queen to be safe, in the moat lives a sea monster that captures all that adventure there uninvited! Also, the house has three windows so that she can spy on us from every side!

Amigurumi kraken 

Make sure to announce your visit or you'll end up like this unfortunate fellow!

Crochet bee guard

This cute little fella is Her Majesty's personal guard!

A little throwback to when Mini Me went to visit the Queen!

The PDF crochet pattern for the Queen of the Castle House has 127 pages with detailed step by step instructions with pictures in order to demonstrate assembly, any special techniques or other more complex parts. It includes instructions on how to make the house sturdy so it can hold its shape.

Studio Stories: Queen of the Castle House Pattern Finished

Accompany me while I finish the Queen of the Castle House! 

I've been working on this pattern since 2016 and this day was hard to come, but it finally came and I wanted to share it with you! =D

Off the Hook: Into the Woodland House

The Into the Woodland House is done and Ferdy is ready to move in! =D

Crochet cat bed

The lawn was the final touch and I think it came out really cute! ^^ 

Amigurumi caterpilar

I promised Ferdy a new home and I think he is happy with this one! He's already checking out the roof! =)

I'm already working on the pattern and I hope to have it ready next month! Ferdy will be included, of course! =D

Of the Hook: A House in the Forest

One more House in the Forest ready to be enjoyed by a kitty! ^^

This time around I made the birds in pink and purple as asked by Hilary! I also made the house a bit taller and added a zipper to the cover of the cushion, making it easier to clean or wash.

I'm really happy on how the house came out! I hope that Hilary and Meatball (the lucky kitty) will enjoy it as much as I do! =D


In my Project Bag

The Into the Woodland House is almost ready!

Into the woodland pet house

The house itself is done! =)

Mushroom cat bed

The spots are done and sewn in place! The variation that had the most votes was big spots and small spots and that's what I made! Thank you all so much for those who voted! =D

T-shirt yarn mushroom

I added this little detail to the window that I think it makes the house even more whimsical and cute. ^^

I still need to add the lawn and I think I will add another cute detail to the top! ^^

Crochet brain cactus

I have also started working on the second cactus for the Gardening with Crochet II. Can you guess what it is? =)

In My Project Bag

No, I'm not making another amigurumi Diddle. This time I'm making Diddlina! =D

Diddlina crochet

I started with the feet and legs but realized that I hadn't chosen the colors for her clothes yet so I had to stop before joining the legs.

Amigurumi mouse

The body parts are crocheted the same way for Diddl and Diddlina so I started to make the snout before moving on to the clothes.

Amigurumi birds in nest

On the House in the Forest front almost all the pieces are ready. This time I made the birds in pink and purple as requested by the person who is going to get it! =)

House in the forest lawn

Now I'm starting to work on the lawn. I like the lawn to be soft and fluffy so I place t-shirt yarn on all spaces available. This one isn't ready yet and it's very clear that the area where all the spaces are used is much fluffier. =)

What's on your hooks? Share on BuddyRumi's Facebook page!!! =D

Pet House Pattern: On the Road Pet Home

It all started in the Spring of 2014 when I was talking with hubby and all of the sudden I saw the cutest image in my mind! A cute little kitty looking out a window of a vintage caravan! Right then I knew that that had to be my next crochet project adventure! =D

One year and a half later here it is! The vision came to life and now you can also make your own On the Road House for your cute pets! ^^

On the Road House cat crochet bed

The On the Road House is very spacious! (Height: 44cm / 17 inches; Width: 76cm / 30 inches; Depth: 38cm /15 inches) It fits 2 to 3 cats or small dogs. Perfect for those furry friends that like to huddle up together to sleep. It has a pillow inside so that your pets can sleep comfy and warm.

This crochet home has windows on all its sides. You can't escape their eyes!

On the Road Vintage Caravan pet house
On the Road House t-shirt yarn pet cave

The PDF pattern for the On the Road House has 50 pages with detailed step by step instructions with pictures to demonstrate assembly or any special techniques.

On the Road House
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On the Road Pet House

The On the Road House is finished!!! =D

This pet house is inspired in vintage caravan, it has enough room for three cats or three small dogs! It has windows on all sides and a cushion to make our furry friends comfy! ^^

On the Road vintage caravan

Check out the video to know all the details!

I'm already working on the pattern and I expect it to be ready very soon! =) 

House Report: On the Road Kitty House

Hello everyone!

Today I want to show you the progress on the "On the Road" cat house, what's done and what cute details I still want to add to it. ^^

Vintage caravan crochet cat house

Watch the video below to see the full report! =D

The On the Road House is made with off white and blue t-shirt yarn, and bulky yarn in blue for the cushion! 

I hope you are as excited as I am to see this project complete!

In My Project Bag

Hello everyone!

My project bag is bursting at the seams! There's cat beds, amigurumi kitties and doggies, and gardens made of crochet! Let's take a look before it explodes! =)

I'm already in the final stages of the On the Road cat bed.The structure and cushion are finished, I just need to add some cute details and it's done! 

T-shirt yarn cat house

The front has a big door, and windows that your furry buddy can use to see what's going on outside! The On the Road pet house is spacious enough for two kitties or two small dogs.

Vintage caravan pet bed

The back has three windows. There are windows on the sides as well just like the real vintage caravans!

Custom amigurumi

This doggie is a custom request! The model is a cute Jack Russel Terrier mix named Penny!

I'm working on the main shapes of the body and latter I will add the spots and fur. I'm really pleased with how she is turning out. ^^ 

Minion amigurumi crochet

I started to make the small Minion first, for a keychain, but I realized I didn't have anymore safety eyes for his size, so I decided to make a bigger version while I wait for the small eyes to arrive! =)

Amigurumi cat

This one is a special project, it is inspired by Leeloo! ^^

I really want to capture the shape of her cheeks and nose, I'm trying out different techniques to see which I one like.

Amigurumi cactus

After all this, when I have a little bit of extra time, which is almost never,  I experiment with new shapes for my crochet succulent and cacti garden. These are the new shapes I came up with, all inspired by cacti and succulents I have in my own collection. =)

And that's it gang! Better start working because I don't have more space in my project bag(s)! =D

Pet House Pattern: A House in the Forest

Could it be? Is it true? YES!!!! =D

The pattern for the tree trunk shaped cat house is finally ready!!!! =D

T-shirt yarn pet house

Tell your furry friends, tell them to tell their friends!!! Tell everybody!!!! =D

Leeloo already has her own! Doesn't she look cute? ^^

Share pictures of your kitties enjoying the House in the Forest on our Facebook page!

House in the Forest
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Pet House Pattern: Kitty Kat House

Cat crochet t-shirt yarn pet house

Tell your furry little friends that the Kitty Kat House is ready! They will love this super fun, cozy and warm house to curl up in and dream for hours!!!! =D

The house has a comfy cushion inside!

Kitty Kat House
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This Week's Favorites - T-Shirt Yarn

Hello crafty friends! =D

Lately I've been working a lot with t-shirt yarn and loving it! =)

Here are some of my favorite projects made with t-shirt yarn.

The Rainbow Rug by Meg McElwee

This colorful rug was made by Meg McElwee at Sew Liberated.

Cup bases at Yumicha

The tutorials for these cute cup bases are available at Yumicha. These were made in knitting but they can easily be made in crochet too!

Milano Handbag at Hooked Zpagetti

The pattern for this cute little bag is available at Hooked Zpagetti.

Have a great weekend! =D

In my Project Bag

Yesterday was a holiday here, so I decided to take a break and spend the day with the family. After lunch a few of us went for a walk with the dogs through the countryside. It was a lovely time and I really needed it! =)

Today I'm back to tell you what I've been working on!

Crochet Cat Bed T-shirt Yarn
Crochet Cat Bed T-shirt Yarn

 As you can see the Cat Shaped Cat House is almost ready! I just need to finish the tail (ran out of yarn...) and I'm still thinking if I'm going to add eyelids or not. I'm really happy on how he came out!

Crochet amigurumi rag doll boy
Crochet amigurumi rag doll boy

I've also started to work on a friend for Alice and this time is a boy! =) 

What are you working on?

In my Project Bag

More developments on the kitty houses front!

Cat shapped cat house bed crochet t-shirt yarn
Cat shapped cat house bed crochet t-shirt yarn

I finally finished the structure for the Cat Shaped Kitty House and I'm starting to work on the other kitty pieces. For now it looks like a scared head but has I add more features I hope it begins to look more like a kitty. =) 

Tree trunk shaped cat bed t-shirt yarn
Tree trunk shaped cat bed t-shirt yarn

I added a front lawn made of t-shirt yarn to the Tree Trunk Kitty House. That way if it's a hot day kitty can sleep outside on his super soft lawn. =)

All that's left are some neighbours! =D

Oh and this week I will release the pattern for Raz! Just need to go over the pattern one more time to make sure there are no mistakes. =)

What are you working on?

In my Project Bag

This past week was all about the kitty houses.

I completed the main structure for the Tree Trunk Shaped Kitty House.

Tree Trunk Shaped Kitty House.jpg

The lucky kitty to have this house will also enjoy an extra outdoors space that is not yet done and will also enjoy the company of some neighbours. ;)

The Cat Shaped Kitty House suffered a delay. Its shape wasn't quite the way I wanted so I had to unravel almost everything. A good thing about working with t-shirt yarn is that it grows quickly so I'm almost at the point I was before unraveling.

Cat Shaped Kitty House.jpg

I also wanted to let you know that the patterns for Raz (the bat) and for Alice (the amigurumi rag doll) are almost ready to publish! Just need to take some more photos for the instructions. =)

What are you working on?

In my Project Bag

This week my project bag is busting through the seams! I don't think there is a bag big enough for all of them, hehe! Today's post is more like In My Really Big Project Bags! =D

The Trunk Shaped Cat House is almost ready! Well, the main parts is. =)

This one is going to have lots of surprises that I think you and your kitties will like! =D

Trunk Shaped Cat House in Crochet
Trunk Shaped Cat House in Crochet

Now I'm working on the structure that is going to make the house keep its shape, it has been a fun process!

I can only close the trunk when the structure is completed and inside it. 

Cat Shaped Cat House in Crochet
Cat Shaped Cat House in Crochet

The Cat Shaped Cat House hasn't change much since I last shown it,  currently I'm working on its cushion and before I complete it I can't close the house.

All the cat houses will have a cushion so that our kitties are comfortable in their home! ^^

I've also been working on finishing the patterns for Raz (the bat) and Alice (the amigurumi rag doll), just need to take some more pictures for the instructions!

Almost everyday I attach on more column of the Periodic Table Blanket, there are still some to go but it won't be long now before it is ready to start working on the boarder! =)

What are you working on?