In my Project Bag

This past week I had more time to work on my projects! I think it shows! =)

These past weeks I have been able to make significant advances on the Periodic Table Blanket! All the elements are now attached, the only thing that is missing is the table's key!

I thought I had all the rectangles done, but now I decided to make some changes and so I need to alter some of the pieces. I hope to have everything done and blocked by the end of this week.

The Cat Shaped Cat Bed has "grown" since the last time and I'm happy with its shape. 

I was able to work a little bit on the cat bed shaped like a tree trunk.

I want to test several ways to make the cat beds hold their shape better. I'll report on that later! =)

My more recently started project is a children's growth chart in the shape of a dinosaur. In the picture we can see one of his feet. =)

I have more ideas for other growth charts that I think will be fun to make!

What other shapes would you like to see for the cat beds and growth charts?