In my Project Bag

Hello everyone!!! 

Lets take a look into my project bag! I've got a lot of amigurumi and crochet projects to show you today! =D

Totoro's shaped cat house is starting to show its shape. =)

I've also started to make the cover for the cushion of Totoro's shaped cat house so I can put it in before I close the house too much.

Remember this little guy? He was wating fot my mom's golden nail polish for his eyes! The eyes came out great but now I'm undecided about his feet, should I make them black and orange or just orange? What do you think?

I really like how the eyes came out! Love the color and the sparkle! =D

For Halloween I'm working on two classical characters: Igor and Frankenstein!

Igor is still just a half ball but I already can "see" him in there. =)

I'm using the pattern for the FrankenPurse, with some adjustments, to create Frankenstein's head!

The beard for my brother is almost finished! Just need to round off the bottom, weave in the ends and attach the beard to the glasses! =D

Have any suggestions for future projects? Want to share what you're working on? Comment below! =D