In my Project Bag

Hello crafty friends!!!!

These past weeks I've been working on some new, fun and seasonal amigurumi and crochet projects!

I'm making this super fun hat inspired by Gir! I love it!!!

The only thing left to do is to attach the ears and it's done! Can't wait to try it out!!! =D

I'm making another crochet hat, but this time in blue and with a different face! =)

I've already started to work on my Christmas projects!

This year I'm making another Christmas reindeer but this one, besides having a different head, is also going to have a body!!! =D

Can't wait to see it completed, it's going to be super cute!!! ^^

And of course, this big red ball his going to be the belly of the Santa Claus I'm making! =D

What are you working on?