In my Project Bag

Gather around everyone! Check out the advances I made in my projects and the completely new project I have to show you!

So, finally I got hold on the black yarn that was out of stock the last time I showed you this fellow and I was able to make some progress on him.

Amigurumi Bat

Can you guess what he is now? =)

I was also able to work some more on the big heart and I think it's coming out good, but I still want to make some tweaking on the shape, but I won't unravel this one again. I prefer to make another one from scratch and compare the two. =)

Amigurumi Heart

I hope the store hasn't ran out of red yarn, this one has already three 50gr skeins in him!

The new project I'm working on is an amigurumi rag doll that I'm thinking making available for free in return of a Facebook like! I think it's a fair price =)

Amigurumi Rag Doll

She is still in the very beginning but it will be very cute once it is finished!

Later this week I hope to finally show you the Super Secret Project that me and my mother have been working on! It has been completed for some time now but we haven't been able to give it to the person we made it for and now we can! More details on that later this week! =D