In my Project Bag

As you know I've been sick lately, but the flu is not going to keep me away from my crochet, and so I have new goodies that I want to share with you!

I started two new projects but ran out of yarn on both of them and to top it all the yarn is sold out! What? NO! =(  

This is where I got so far:

Amigurumi Bat

For now he only has a body and some weird looking feet but can you guess what it is?

I was expecting to finish him in the course of the next two weeks, but now with this yarn problem I don't know anymore ... I'll try to get the yarns from another shop (fingers crossed).

Amigurumi Wreck-it Ralph

The second new project is Ralph from the movie Wreck-it Ralph. I saw the movie recently and really liked it!

I'm working on the shape of the head but don't have enough yarn to finish it and this is one of the yarns that is sold out ... =(


I really like those daisy like flowers that are associated with natural yogurt, the ones with the pale blue petals and the yellow center, and I couldn't resist making a flower pattern without making a flower using those colors.

Amigurumi Flower

I made this flower using the Heart Shaped Flowers Pattern.

You might remember this last one, the last time I talked about it it was filling me with frustration and I had to put it aside. Now I brought it back and give it another try. 

Amigurumi Big Heart

Lets hope that this time goes better than the last. Fingers crossed. =)