In My Project Bag

Hi guys! There are new developments to report!

Now that I've completed the project for January's Amigurumify Challenge, I was able to make some progress on other projects. Let's check them out!

Crochet keyhole

Remember that I said that the heart project for Valentines was going to have a "surprise" in the middle? Well, here it is! It's going to have a keyhole, and it's going to be accompanied with the key to "unlock" the heart! =D

Valentines day heart

Here is the heart itself (what I was able to make so far...).

I told you I was going to start working it from the top again... =)

Crochet noseAnd finally I've started to work on the disguise mask for my brother, here is the nose. =)

Oh! I'll soon post photos of my project for the Amigurumify: Yourself challenge!