Hello 2014!!! =D

Hello crafty friends!!!

I hope you have a super 2014 full of health, joy and crochet!!! Hehe =D

2013 was a great year, BuddyRumi grew and took on new challenges. For the first time I started to make finished buddies and not only patterns (that really made a difference this December)! For now the finished buddies are only available through local stores but I'm thinking of making some available through Etsy too.

With all these new challenges some of the pattern releases have been delayed but have not been forgotten. I hope you'll be patient with me and wait a little while longer as I finish the patterns for the Tree Trunk Shaped Cat House and the Periodic Table Blanket.

In 2013 I made some of my favorite buddies so far!

Amigurumi and crochet patterns 2013

I really enjoyed making Raz and incorporating the mini hair clips as his paws!

The "amigurumification" of a person was also really fun to make, I really enjoyed adding all the little details to make him as close as possible to the person being "amigurumified"!

I had a lot of fun making the Kitty Kat House and the Tree Trunk House and coming up with strategies so that they would hold their shape!

The hats were a new experience since I don't usually crochet clothing, but they were a great experience and were a lot of fun to make!

2013 was marked by the arrival of a new member to our family (my nephew). Me and my mother made a baby blanket for him, it was a project made from the heart.

December was full of orders and requests so I have a lot of new things to show you that were finished that month.Crochet fox hat

Crochet fox hat

I finally finished the fox crochet hat! I love it!!! ^^

Little devil crochet hat

I finished the Little Devil crochet hat just in time for Christmas for my friend! He loved it and started to wear it right away! =D

He's got the exact expression I was shooting for... a naughty little devil! =)

Big eyes crochet hat dark blue

Big eyes crochet hat light grey gray

Requested by another friend, I made these variations of the big eyes crochet hat! They came out really cute too!

Crochet Gir scarf

I took a stabbing at making scarves, and once more I started with a Gir inspired project! ^^

Crochet scarf octopus tentacle

And for a tight hold an octopus tentacle crochet scarf! =D

December is also when I celebrate my birthday, and hubby gifted me with a wonderful surprise! A kitty!!!!! =D She is fun and likes to play a lot, she is very bright and very sweet! She's a little ball of fur, fun and cuteness! Thank you hubby! ^^

Kitty cat kat

Her name is Leeloo and I really love her!!! ^^

To sum it all up, 2013 was a pretty cool year!!! I hope 2014 is as fun or even better!!! =D

Happy 2014 everyone!!!! =D