In my Project Bag

Hello happy crafty people! =D

Sorry I've been MIA these past weeks. I started to sell some of my Buddies at a local store and while it has been a lot of fun, it has also been a lot of work! =)

I have been working hard on providing for the store because I want my items to always be available to the people who visit! Because of this I feel that I don't have as much time to work on new projects as I used to have, but I'm working really hard on being more organized and optimizing my process so that we can still enjoy both sides! =)

I've been trying out the new safety eyes I've ordered on the keychain kitties.

Keyring Kitties 2.jpg

I love the green eyes! =)

Keyring Kitties 3.jpg

The eyes for the white kitty were initially clear, I painted them with a very light blue nail polish. 

Bird Keychain.jpg

I've also made more birds from the nest of the Tree Trunk Cat House to use as a keychain.

Bird Keychain 2.jpg

I think it came out really cute and they make great keychains! =)

The Totoro shaped cat house suffered a small set back and now is mostly a pile of t-shirt yarn, but it is once again moving forward! =D

I'm also making a laptop sleeve for my mom. It's almost finished, just need to make the flap that closes the sleeve and some embellishments.

Laptop Sleeve.jpg

What's in your project bag?