In my Project Bag

Hello! =D

I have cat house fever!!! =D 

Just yesterday I've started a new cat house in a new shape!

Tototo cat house amigurumi crochet

For now it may look like it's another cat shaped cat house but I promise it is not! =)

Can you guess in what shape it will be? I'll give you a clue: He lives in the forest and rides a very special bus! ^^

I've also ordered some safety eyes in new colors and was playing around with them to see how they looked.

I'm making new kitties using the Kitty Got My Key pattern to test the new safety eyes.

Kitty keyring keychain amigurumi crochet

I love the blue and green ones, the yellow ones are okay. I also bought some orange ones but I didn't like them that much, maybe they just need the right pattern... =)

What are you working on?