In my Project Bag

Hello crafty critters! =D

Amigurumi crochet boy

The Amigurumi Rag Boy is almost complete! I just have to make one more boot, maybe some stripes on the bottom of the shorts and the t-shirt. I want to make him a polo t-shirt, I think he would look good in one! =)

Amigurumi crochet boot

The Amigurumi Rag Boy's boots can be removed. I'm really pleased on how it turned out!

Amigurumi beard crochet

Finally I was able to work a little on the beard disguise for my brother. I really like the effect of the boucle yarn! 

I'm also going to start selling BuddyRumi's dolls on a local store. I'm starting in the beginning of July, so these past weeks I've been working hard on the dolls that I want to place there! I'm really excited!!! I 'll keep you updated on how this new adventure goes! =D

Because of this sudden increase in the workload I have to postpone the release of the patterns for the Periodic Table Blanket and the Cat Shaped Cat House. I know that some of you are waiting for these patterns and I apologise for this delay. I hope you understand and hang on a little longer. =)  

The pattern for Alice is almost ready, but you will have to wait until July to get your hands on it! We're almost there! =)

Happy crafting!