In my Project Bag

This last week was a good week with lots of progress on my projects!

I finally made the last stitch for the Periodic Table Blanket! I'm very proud of it and really like how it turned out! Oh and it's really warm too! ^^

This is the first blanket I have designed! I really liked learning the Tunisian simple stitch which is now one of my favorite crochet stitches!

Periodic Table Blanket Border

Making the border was fun too! From choosing how to make it, which colors to used, to see it grow..., and it grew much faster than I was expecting! And that last stitch felt really wonderful!

But the Periodic Table Blanket isn't all sunshine and smiles..., it holds a devilish secret on its back! Tails and more tails as far as the eye can see! =)

Periodic Tabe Blanket back

Will I ever tame them all? Will I be beaten by their apparent multiplication powers or will I be victorious? Who wants to join me in this battle? =)

Cat Shaped Kitty House Bed Crochet

This past week I was also able to get the filling for the cushions for the kitty houses. I'm using sponge because I felt that the normal stuffing I use for amigurumi would become flat with time under the kitties weight.

The cushion for the Cat Shaped Kitty House is already closed and now I can start to close the house.

Tree Trunk Shaped Kitty House Bed Crochet

The cushion for the Tree Trunk Shaped Kitty House is almost complete, I ran out of yarn and there is still a gap that I need to close on the bottom of the cushion.

This is all I've been doing the last days! What about you? What is hanging from your hook?