In my Project Bag

Today I'm sharing with you a project that I wanted to finish by the back-to-school/dorm time, but unfortunately I wasn't able to complete it on time. I'm still working on it between Halloween projects (yes there are more coming =) ) and I intend to finish it soon because I know that some of you already feel the need to cover yourselves with a nice warm blanket.

But better than a soft warm blanket is a soft warm blanket where you can brush up on your chemistry =)

That's why I'm making a Periodic Table blanket! I ensure you I know more chemical elements names and symbols now than ever before!


So that's what these colorful rectangles are, chemical elements. Each color represents one group of the periodic table.

Periodic table blanket.jpg

Each rectangle represents one element where you can see the symbol, name and atomic number. As you can see some elements still don't have their names. 

This project arose because I wanted to learn Tunisian crochet, its texture reminds me of waffles =)

As I learnt how to make it I  encountered some beautiful projects where you could see that it worked really well with pixilated images. I also noticed that this could work really well with text and that's what gave me the idea to make the Periodic Table blanket (that and my love for science).

For the elements' rectangles I used a normal 5mm crochet hook, but for the longer pieces I had to buy a proper Tunisian crochet hook! Yay! =D

So now I just need to finish a few rectangles, sew the names of some elements and join all the rectangles (that should be fun...). I'll be sure to make a tutorial on joining the rectangles when I start doing that.

Oh, and one quick tip, weave in the ends as you finish the rectangles. In the beginning I didn't do that and then I had to weave in ends that never seemed to end... =P

What are you working on for the cold months ahead?