Off the Hook: Tree Trunk Cat House

Hello crafty friends!!! =D

The Tree Trunk Cat House is completed!!!

I'm so happy!!! It's so cute!!!! ^^

Amigurumi crochet cat house in the shape of a tree trunk with two little birds for neighbours!  #buddyrumi #crochet #amigurumi #crochetpattern #cathouse #catbed #amigurumipattern #crochetcatbed #crochetcatcave #chunkycrochet #tshirtyarn #petbed #crcohetcatproject #pethouse #crochetcatnest

Besides the ample space inside, the house has a front lawn where kitty can relax on hotter days. ^^

Amigurumi crochet kitten bed

Amigurumi crochet kitten bed

The house already has two lovely residents, this way kitty will never feel alone! =) 

Amigurumi crochet cute birds

Amigurumi crochet cute birds

They are so cute!!! ^^

As always all our houses are inspected and approved by Nolita, our official house inspector! See what she thinks of the new house in the video below! =D


The pattern for this house is available on all BuddyRumi stores!!! You can find it on Etsy, Ravelry and Craftsy!

Have fun making this beautiful house for you furry buddies!!! Don't forget to share pictures of the finished project on our Facebook page! =D