How to... Linked Half Double Crochet

Learn how to make this variation of the half double crochet: the linked half double crochet!

The linked half double crochet creates a denser fabric than one worked with half double crochets and it works up just as fast because the stitches are the same height.

The fabric has no gaps between the stitches, all the edges are neat and straight, and the horizontal bar along the rows give it extra texture and detail!

A great stitch to learn! =D


How to... Linked Double Crochet

Learn how to make one of my favorite stitches, the linked double crochet! =D

The fabric resulting from the linked double crochet isn't as loose as one worked with double crochets but it's still soft and not as stiff or bulky as one worked with single crochets.

The linked double crochet is the same height as a double crochet so it works up quickly!


A great stitch to know and to use! =D


How to… Extended Single Crochet

Learn how to make the extended single crochet (esc).

This is my favorite crochet stitch to use when making clothes for my amigurumi!

The extended single crochet is a variation of the single crochet. It has double the height of the single crochet and a texture that reminds me of knitting.

The extended single crochet creates a closed fabric that drapes nicely.

How to... Foundation Single Crochet

The Foundation Single Crochet (Fsc) is a great stitch to learn! If you don't like to start projects with a chain and then work into it, the Foundation Single Crochet is the solution!

The foundation single crochet allows you to work the chain and the first row of single crochets at the same time, which saves time and solves the tight chain problem!

Sometimes is hard to see the stitches of a chain, especially with furry yarns, with the Foundations Single Crochet you don't need to work into the chain!

Once you get the handle on it is a great stitch to have in your arsenal! =)

How to... Half Double Crochet

Hello everyone!

Learn how to work the half double crochet!

The half double crochet is between the single crochet and double crochet regarding to height. Instead of working off the loops two by two, like in the double crochet, you work off all three loops at once. The half double crochet creates a tight fabric, similar to the single crochet, but because it is taller it works up quicker!

Its abbreviation is hdc.