Amigurumi Pattern: Mini Penny Keychain

A faithful buddy to take with you anywhere, anytime! =D

Amigurumi dog keychain

Originally I made Mini Penny to accompany Penny in her journey and as a surprise to Penny's mommy! Now you can have your Mini Penny as well! =)

Amigurumi keychain pattern

I think she came out really cute! ^^

Amigurumi dog keychain

Custom Amigurumi Dog

If you want a detailed amigurumi version of your dog, a faithful and forever lasting reminder of your friend, now you can amigurumify your furry buddy! =)

Custom amigurumi crochet dog

These projects are a collaboration between me and you where your input is always welcome! I will send you photos along the way to make sure you are updated and satisfied with your amigurumi dog.

Check out the video below to see in detail the finished amigurumi Penny!

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Off the Hook: Amigurumi Penny

Hello everyone!

Today I want to show you a great project I have been working on these past few weeks! 

Like most of my favorite projects so far it was an amigurumification! =D

Meet Penny, a furry terrier mix cutie! ^^

Photos taken by Penny's mommy, Jennifer.

Photos taken by Penny's mommy, Jennifer.

The pictures above show the main characteristics that I wanted to capture in Penny's amigurumification: her spots and fur. I also tried to be true to her forms and shapes as much as possible, I always like to put as much detail as I can in my amigurumifications.

Custom amigurumi dog

Jennifer, Penny's mommy, suggested I leave Penny's right ear up! In my first sketch I had both ears folded, but I promptly made the change, and after looking at Penny's many Instagram photos I realized that she has the tendency to leave that ear up, which makes her even more cute and funny. ^^

The collar with the bone and name give her a special touch!

Custom crochet dog

 I'm really pleased with the shapes of the body and legs, especially the chest and belly. It's something that, from the beginning, I knew I had to capture well.

Amigurumi terrier puppy

The spots on the back were a must!

Amigurumi crochet doggie

I think she came out really cute and every time I look at her it gets harder and harder to let her go! ^^

This project was fun, challenging and very rewarding! I loved making her, it's one of my favorites this year! =D

Join Penny on the dance floor! =D