In My Project Bag

Hello everyone! It's time again to show you what I've been working on!

First thing I want to show is the progress I made on the On the Road crochet cat house. I've been working hard on it these last weeks and it's coming together really nice. I'm really loving making it! =D

Vintage caravan pet cave

The front is already completed and waiting to be assembled.

On the Road t-shirt yarn  house

The back is almost ready, I  just need to make the boarder and finish the support.

T-shirt yarn cat bed

The rest of the house is composed of a really long piece of t-shirt yarn (the longest I made so far!) that makes up the floor, ceiling and sides of the house.

I love this house and I can't wait to see it finished! =D

The second thing I want to show you are the new Buddy Wallets I'm working on! They will be part of the second volume of the Buddy Wallets crochet patterns! =D

Pikachu crochet wallet

I'm working on a Pikachu wallet, which is almost completed. I'm not completely happy with his ears, I'll will have to test several models and choose the one I think is the best.

Crochet purse little bird

The second crochet wallet I'm working on is a little birdie. He is sweet and cute, and I really like him! ^^ 

I usually use a black zipper for the crochet wallets but I think this little guy will be really cute with a soft yellow zipper. =)

And that's all for now, gang! ; )

Keep on crafting!!! 

Crochet Patterns: Gir and Fox Crochet Hats

Once again in the forefront on the war against the cold, I bring you exciting news:

The patterns to make the Gir and Fox crochet hats are now available!!! They are super fun and cute, the perfect weapons against cold and grey days! =D

Gir crochet hat

The Gir crochet hat goes great with the Gir crochet scarf and the Gir crochet wallet

Fox crochet hat

While it keeps you warm, maybe you can finally find out what does the fox say! ^^

Gir Hat Crochet Pattern
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Fox Hat Crochet Pattern
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Off the Hook: Winter is Coming

Winter is coming and we, at BuddyRumi's HQ, have been trying out different accessories to warm up!

Inspired by the Neon Love Mitts by Pom Pom Quarterly, I made a crochet hat using the same colours and stitch!

I really like how it came out! It's not too thick, it's fun and the size came out just right! =D

Next I made the Ups and Downs Crochet Slouchy Beanie by Tamara Kelly on Moogly.

I really liked the texture in this hat and the buttons gave a cute touch to it.

This was my first try at a slouchy beanie, I think it came out alright, but next time I would make it a little bit more slouchy. =)

And now that we have the head and hands all warmed up is time for the neck!

I found the Cross-Over Long DC Cowl at Crochet N' Crafts! I love its texture, the little twist it makes and the fact that it is small and close to the neck! The patterns for the matching hat and fingerless gloves are available as well!!! =D

I really love this cowl!!! It's beautiful, and easy and quick to make! Mine came out a little bit smaller than the original one because I work with a tight tension, but I love that it came out smaller! I really like that I don't have to wrap it or adjust it, it just stays there and does its job: Warms my neck and looks pretty!!! ^^

I'm making one more scarf, it's really pretty, but I ran out of yarn... =(  I hope I will have more really soon because I'm really enjoying making it. I'm using the broomstick lace stitch, a stitch I haven't used before and it's easier than I though it would be. I'm using a really pretty yarn that my mother gave me, I can't wait to show you! =)

Have a great week and keep warm!!! ^^

In My Project Bag

Here is a quick update on what I'm up to! =)

I'm still working on more crocheted plants for  the Gardening with Crochet  patterns.

Crochet flower ball

This time I wanted to make something with more colour so I'm working on a ball of flowers that will be later added to a vase. Similar to the basil bush I made for the Popular Saints celebrations but with flowers.

Now that the cold and rain seem to finally have arrived, I started to get more requests for crochet hats. I'm also taking this opportunity to finish the patterns for all the models I've already created.

I'm also working on updated versions of the Kitty Kat House pattern, the Gir with Hood Down and Robot Gir patterns.

For the Kitty Kat House I changed the way that the wires are incorporated into the body of the house, and for the Girs I updated the way to reinforce their necks. These updated versions of the patterns will be available soon! =)

And last but not least:

I always like to learn new techniques to make my buddies even more special so I started to experiment with needle sculpt to give them more detail. 

Needle sculpting crochet doll

I can't wait to incorporate this techniques in my buddies! =D

What are you up to?

Crochet Pattern: Buddy Wallets

As you can see I've been really busy finishing one more pattern!!! =D

I present to you the Buddy Wallets! Check out the video at the bottom to get to know them all!!! =D

Crochet buddy wallets

These cuties are perfect for gifting your friends and family!

Crochet owl

Besides cute they are easy and quick to make, and practical too! 

Totoro crochet wallet

They have a zipper so that nothing falls out, and two compartments for more organisation.

Meet the gang:

Amigurumi Pattern: Topo Gigio

Topo Gigio amigurumi

Do you remember him? He is Topo Gigio, the sweetest mouse you'll ever meet! ^^

At first he was requested to me by a mother who wanted to gift her daughter, and, after, by a grandmother that wanted to surprise her granddaughter.

This sweet little buddy left a lot of memories in many of us! ^^ 

Topo Gigio
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Off the Hook: Off the Hook and Amigurumi Cacti

Now that I finished all the orders I have more time to complete some projects I was working on before.

I started the Ipad cover more or less at the same time I started the cover for my mother's laptop, but I never seemed to find the time to finish it. Now i can proudly announce the cover is finished! =D

Crochet Ipad cover

I really like it! I used one of my favourite stitches, the Tunisian Crochet Knit Stitch!

I finished three cacti for my Gardening with Crochet series.

Crochet cactus
Crochet Opuntia Cactus

I really like the look of the ceramic vases with the crocheted cacti! ^^

Cacto de crochet.jpg

For this one I chose to make a big and showy flower, different from what I usually make.

I want to make, at least, one more type of cactus and maybe add some other kind of plants, but I'm not sure which ones yet.

I also want to take this time to take on projects made by other designers, to learn new techniques and skills. The first one I'm going to make is Phillip the frog by Lauren Whitney from Crochet, Olé.

And last but not least, I really want to continue to work on the On the Road cat house design!

I think that these should be enough to keep me occupied for some time hehe =) 

Have fun everyone! =D

Off the Hook: Cat Houses, Amigurumi and Crochet Projects

The past weeks I've been MIA from the blog. I got a lot of requests and was working hard to meet the deadlines.

So for those of you who didn't catch the updates on social media, here is what I've been up to!

I started to sell the Kitty Kat Houses at Leeloo's veterinary, they are awesome and super sweet people and were happy to have the Kitty Kat Houses there! The first one I left there sold in a couple of days and so I had to make one more for Leeloo's veterinarian and another to keep as display there.

Three Kitty Kat Houses

Leeloo's veterinarian told me that her cat doesn't want to leave the house! She doesn't want to know about anything else and stays curled up in there all day! That's what I call a success!!! =D

Leeloo's veterinarian also ordered Rumi and Ami for her 2 year old daughter. I used baby yarn to make them, but the baby yarn I have access to is fine weight and I did Ami's and Rumi's patterns with medium weight yarn, I wanted them to have te same size as the original ones so I had to tweak the patterns a little bit and this took a little more extra time to accomplish.

It was worth it! She was really pleased with them!!! =)

Ami e Rumi.JPG

As I was finishing Ami and Rumi I received another order, this time for three hats and one keyring. Two of the hats I had already made, the fox and the cat, but the other two were new. It was a Stitch hat and keyring! I really enjoyed making them! I had a lot of fun figuring out how to make Stitch's eyes and ears. These irregular shapes are more challenging but fun to figure out! In the end I really loved the result and if this hadn't been a request I would have kept them for myself!!! =D

Fox crochet hat
Cat crochet hat
Stitch crochet hat
Stitch crochet keyring keychain

Now, after resting my hands for a couple of days, I'm already working on new projects that I will share here very soon!!!

In the meantime have fun everyone!!! =D

In My Project Bag: A New Cat House Design

Creating new designs for cat houses is becoming addicting! It's so fun!!! =D

I began to work on this new design in April but I had to pause it because some requests for other projects came through and I had to work on them. 

I'm not entirely sure, now, how the idea for this design came to me but I remember this image of a cute vintage trailer with a kitty peaking through the window appearing in my mind, right then I knew I had to make it!

Vintage caravan pet house

The basic shape of the front of the trailer is done. Just before I had to pause it, I was working on how to reinforce it so that the house can stand. 

I still need to figure out some details, I want the house to have wheels like a real trailer but that means that the bottom would be off of the ground so I have to figure out a way to make the bottom strong enough to hold the weight of the cats, and a way for the cat to go inside the house without having to jump. 

This is exactly why I find creating new designs so appealing and fun, figuring out how to solve all these little problems and creating new fun products! It's like solving a puzzle and I always loved those! =D

Can't wait to get back to it!!!

Pet House Pattern: A House in the Forest

Could it be? Is it true? YES!!!! =D

The pattern for the tree trunk shaped cat house is finally ready!!!! =D

T-shirt yarn pet house

Tell your furry friends, tell them to tell their friends!!! Tell everybody!!!! =D

Leeloo already has her own! Doesn't she look cute? ^^

Share pictures of your kitties enjoying the House in the Forest on our Facebook page!

House in the Forest
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In My Project Bag

I finally finished the laptop cover I was making for my mom! Now I can show it to you! =)

Initially I was making it with t-shirt yarn, but there was something off and I didn't seam to be able to finish it. When I started to make the Tunisian crochet swatches book I decided to make the cover with yarn instead, it was a lovely opportunity to work with one of my favourite stitches. I chose the Basic Tunisian crochet stitch (which I love) and decided to make stripes because I had never done stripes with this stitch (can you believe that?).

I love how it came out! I love the fact that the fabric resulting from this stitch is thick (which is good to protect the laptop), I love the stripes, I love the effect of the reverse single crochet around the edges... resuming: I love everything! =D

The best thing is that my mother loves it too!!! ^^

Laptop Cover.jpg

The stripes go around the back and to the flap that closes the cover.

The laptop fits all snug and comfy inside the cover! ^^

Vintage caravan pet house

I made some progress on the new cat house! I'm loving making this project, I think it is going to be awesome once it is finished! The form is inspired by vintage caravans that I find really cute. Imagine the little faces of your furry little friends peeking through the windows! Cuuuuuuute!!! ^^

And last but not least, I've finished the super secret project but can't show just yet. 

Have an excellent week! 


Amigurumi Pattern: Hector, the Baby Monster

The cutest baby amigurumi monster around! ^^

Amigurumi baby monster toy

He is cute, he is sweet, he is fierce! And he already has a name!

 Thank you all for the cute, fun and wonderful suggestions! A special thanks to De'Anna Groves who suggested Hector! =D

Baby monster crochet toy

Get him now and start practicing your ROOOOAAAAAR! =D

this is the alt text

Traveling Buddies

As I started to get more requests for finished buddies, I started to think about the packaging for them. I wanted something handmade and cute, this is what I came up with. =)

Pillow box

Pillow boxes for crochet hats.

Big buddies

Rectangular boxes for big buddies.

Little buddies

Cube boxes inspired by tea boxes for the smaller buddies.

All were handmade by me using corrugated cardboard! =D

The heart and star charms were also handmade by me using polymer clay, but I started to notice they took up a lot of time to make and polish and that's where the idea to use buttons came up. I have a thing for big and bright buttons but I never use them for anything so this looked like the perfect opportunity to give them use! It's also a great opportunity to use small bits of yarn. ; )

I really love the finished packages and the contrast between the natural color of the cardboard and the color of the ornaments! =)

What do you think? Would you like to see these arrive at your door?

In my Project Bag

Let's see what my project bag holds this week! =D

Swatch Book 2

My swatch book is getting bigger! I blocked all the swatches and added the labels with the name! I'm trying to make, at least, one swatch per day. Let's see how many swatches I can fit in this ring! =D

Tunisian Knit Stitch

Making the swatch book inspired me to make some projects with Tunisian crochet. The one in the picture is going to be an iPad cover and I'm using one of my favourite stitches, the Tunisian knit stitch! Love it!!!

I'm working on another project with Tunisian crochet but I can't show it to you just yet! ; )

On the Road Cat House

Last week I went out on a hunt for new t-shirt yarn!

I'm working on a new design for a cat house! =D  I think it's going to be super cute! This is what I have so far, can't wait to finish it! =D

Can you guess what it will be?

I continue to work on the secret project, I wish I could show it to you! It's a cutie! ^^

Have a great week!

In My Project Bag

This week I can only show you some of the projects I'm working on, the other two are secret projects that I can only show you when they are done and delivered to the new owners. =)

I started to work on this project that, for now, looks like a green ninja. =)

He is going to be part of a collection I have in mind. =)


I finally started to work on a project that I though of when I started to crochet: a swatch book. Now that I'm pretty familiar with the basic stitches, I decided to start my swatch book with the Tunisian crochet stitch family.

Tunisian Swatch Book

I'm making swatches of 10 stitches by 10 rows, all with a 5,5mm hook (US: I/ UK and Canada: 5). I'm binding them together with  a big metal ring that I have left from my scrapbooking days. I still have to block some of the swatches that roll on themselves and I want to add labels with the names of every stitch.

I love the rich textures of the Tunisian crochet stitches! My favourites so far are the simple, knit and waffle stitches! =)

What cuties hang from your hook? =D