In Other Crafts... Riusuke Fukahori

A quick peek into works in other crafts and arts.

Riusuke Fukahori is an amazing Japanese artist. He paints three dimensional goldfish using a complex process of painting in great detail between layers of resin. The final result is a powerful illusion, so powerful that when I first saw pictures of his work I thought the fishes were alive and swimming in water.

Check out the video below to see him work!
Some of Riusuke Fukahori's work:
Photo © Dominic Alves
Photo © Dominic Alves
It's hard to pick a favorite =)



In Other Crafts... Mimi Kirchner

Have I told you lately that I love watching videos where artists talk about their art and their process? Well, I do!

I love how you can hear the passion in the artist's voice. I love how you can, for a few minutes, peek into their studio and their process. It's like peeking through someone's window and learning something new!

Mimi Kirchner is one of the fiber artists I've been following closely. I've never learned how to use a sewing machine, to be true, never had the interest but when I see dolls like the ones Mimi makes is when I regret it the most. Who knows, maybe someday I'll "glue" myself to a sewing machine and some videos, and only let it go when I learn how to do it =)

Move closely everybody and peek with me into Mimi's window! =)

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Creative Jolt!

Creative Jolt! is going to be a weekly pill of inspiration to get your creativity flowing for the week! Every Monday I'll share a video, image or other that helps me get inspired!

For the first edition of Creative Jolt! I'm going to share with you a video directed by Danny Gregory and Tommy Kane which shows artist Hayley Morris on her process for one of her animation videos.

I always love to see other artists talking about their process or simply just watching them create! I always feel that my creative battery is once again full. =)

 Be Happy and Creative!