How to... Relax Yarn

In this matter yarn is a bit like ourselves, to relax it just give it a warm bath! ^^

Preparing the Yarn

First we need to prepare the yarn so that it doesn't get tangled.

Relaxing yarn 1

1. Get your frogged yarn.

2. Bend your arm at the elbow, grab one end of the yarn and wrap it behind your arm.

3. Continue to wrap the yarn under the arm, through the front and up again on top of the hand.

4. Wrap all your yarn around the arm and hand.

5. Gently take the yarn from your arm and tie it in two points opposite to each other using a yarn of a contrasting colour. 

Relaxing the Yarn

Relax yarn

Fill a basin or sink with warm water and place the yarn inside completely covered with water. Let it soak for at least 20 minutes.

Take the yarn out and let the water seep above the basin. Using a towel gently squeeze the yarn to take the excess water. Don't twist or wring the yarn.

Relaxing yarn 1

Hang the yarn around the neck of a hanger and let it dry in the shade.

Relaxing yarn 2

After it is thoroughly dried, the yarn is ready for your next project! =D

How to... Work with T-shirt Yarn

Hello fellow crafty buddies! =D

I love making t-shirt yarn projects, but working with this type of yarn can be hard on your hands and wrists and that's why I completely change my technique when working with it.

I usually use the pencil hold to hold my hook when crocheting, but due to the thickness of the yarn and the amount of strength I need to make to crochet, this is very hard on my wrists. 

Instead I use the knife hold (in the photo), this allows me to use more my arm instead of my wrist and I can make the strength I need without hurting.

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How to... Yarn Hair

I noticed that most of my amigurumi that have hair are girls, the only boy that has hair is FrankenPurse which has a wig that I crocheted with boucle yarn and sewn to its head! So I decided to try out different ways we could style the hair for amigurumi boys. Tutorial Boy volunteered to help me! =)

I cut a few pieces of yarn and attached it to Tutorial Boy's head and the fun began!

Amigurumi Yarn Hair 2.jpg

We tried out many styles! We tried crazy (1), emo (2), pretty boy (3), slicked back (4), punk (5), and messy (6). For the messy look I split the finer threads that make up the yarn.

But we didn't stop here!

Amigurumi Yarn Hair 3.jpg

I used a dog grooming brush with wire bristles to comb Tutorial Boy's hair, I used a piece of cardboard to protect his face (1). Combing the hair with the dog grooming brush gave us an Einstein like effect (2)! We tried to tame it (3), but it just wanted to stay up! We also tried the punk look again and found that the mohawk had more hold this way (4 and 5).

What's your favorite style?

Do you have more styles you want Tutorial Boy to try? Share them in the comments below!

How to... Make Amigurumi Eyes with Yarn

Today I wanted to show you that you don't need to use the safety eyes in your amigurumi, you can have fun and cute eyes with just a strand of yarn.

This is specially useful if you don't want round eyes in your amigurumi, if you are making the doll for a baby or small child, or simply because you like to try different things =)

Eyes yarn.jpg

You can have him sick (1), happy (2), sleeping (3) or with its eyes shut (4). You can even embroider two French knots and you get two round eyes (5), or a French knot and a dash and you get a winking amigurumi!

All this with just a small strand of medium weight black yarn.

If you want something more elaborate you can give the eyes a background turning the black dot into the pupil of the eye.

Eyes yarn 2.jpg

1 - Circle

          1: 6sc in Magic Ring and needle join to the first stitch. Attach to the main piece.

2 - Oval

          1: 2sc, 2dc, 2sc, 2dc in Magic Ring and needle join to the first stitch. Attach to the main piece.

3 - 3D

          1: 6sc in Magic Ring

          2: (inc 2) x 6

          3-4: 12sc

          5: (inv dec 2) x 6

          Embroider one French knot on each eye with a contrasting color. Attach the eye to the main piece.

4 - An extra detail for an amigurumi girl: Embroider lashes on the eyes, making it more feminine in one simple step.

And of course you can use what ever colors you prefer, it doesn't have to be black and white. =)

One more time it is confirmed: Yarn is our friend! =D

I hope these are helpful to you!

If you know more ways to use our yarn to make eyes please share!

Happy crocheting!

How to... Work with Furry Yarn

Quick tips and techniques for amigurumi.

Currently I'm working on a wig with a boucle yarn and due to the nature of the yarn I had to come up with strategies to be able to crochet with it without going crazy. To make matters worse, the yarn I'm working with is dark brown! After trying several strategies this is my How to Work with Furry Yarn! =)

  • Be calm and patient - If your hook gets caught in the yarn don't yank it, instead take the hook out gently and remake the stitch. Work in a slower pace and when you notice that you are getting frustrated or impatient stop working on it  and come back when you feel refreshed. 
  • Work with lots and lots of light - Work near a window, outside or with a table top lamp (preferably with an adjustable neck) so you can see your stitches better.
  • Use a simple fine yarn of the same or similar color with the furry yarn - This will make the stitches more visible and thus easier to work with.
  • Make loose stitches - Use a bigger hook than what you normally would and don't pull the stitches too tight.
Furry yarn.jpg

For the wig I'm using a 4mm hook and a fine yarn together with the furry one.

Furry yarn 5.jpg

Using the simple yarn with the furry one makes the stitches more visible.

  • Feel the fabric - To help you find where to work your next stitch, press the previously worked row/round between your thumb and index finger, the first dimple that you feel, after the stitch you just worked, is where you need to work your next stitch.
Furry yarn 2.jpg
  • Working in chains - When working in chains I prefer to work in the back bumps, it's easier and in my opinion it looks better. In order to find the bumps using this yarn, I rubbed the back of the chain gently with my thumb, whenever I found a bump I marked it with a stitch marker (in my case a paperclip), mark all the bumps you are going to work in, and as you do take the stitch markers off. You can also mark the stitches when they are particularly hard or confusing to count.
Furry yarn 3.jpg