How to... Stubborn Safety Eyes

Hello crafty crowd!!! =D

Today I want to show you how to save your fingertips from that menace that is the stubborn safety eye!

As you know I recently bought some safety eyes, but with these ones came washers that I had never seen before (shown in the picture). As I tried them out I became really frustrated with the washers because they are really hard to put on.

I decided that they weren't going to ruin my amigurumi making and so I set myself up to find an easy way to put them on!

Check out the tutorial below to find out how! =)


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How to... Customise Safety Eyes

Recently I've ordered some clear safety eyes, I wanted to play around with customizing them as I needed them instead of buying lots of eyes of different colours.

I ended up experimenting with nail polish, I have lots and lots of nail polish and I though some of them would make great eye colours for my amigurumi projects. First I used some I already had and then, when checking the results I bought some really cheap ones to experiment some more! =D

I just use the brush that comes with the nail polish to paint the back of the clear part of the eyes. Make sure you don't have to much polish on the brush or it will smudge the front of the eye.

Painting safety eyes amigurumi

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How to... Custom Eyes

When I bought safety eyes for the first time I bought them all in black, but a problem rose when I wanted to use them in a black amigurumi. The eyes would get lost on the doll's face, I had to find a way for that not to happen. That's what I'm going to share with you: How to turn a black safety eye into a blue eye with black pupil using the French knot.

The doll I was working on was for my mother and I wanted to give it to her on her birthday. I didn't have time to order some more, and at the time I was going to place the eyes I only had with me my Crochet on the Go supplies. Fortunately I had a skein of a really bright blue with me and the idea came to me:

What if I made the eyes with the blue yarn using the French knot technique I used to use in my cross-stitch? The blue really popped against the black but still something was missing. That's when I decided to give the eyes pupils.

If you want to know how, check out the following tutorial:

French knot.jpg

1. Insert the needle, from the inside of the doll to the outside, in the place where you want the eye to be. Pull the yarn to the front.

2. Grab the yarn and place the needle under it.

3. Wrap the yarn around the needle 2 to 3 times, always keeping the needle close to the doll.

4. Insert the needle into a different spot close to the one where the yarn came out.

5. Pull the yarn to the inside, without pulling it too tight. The French knot is now complete.

6. To create the pupil for the eye place a small safety eye in the center of the French knot and through the doll. Secure eye with washer.

7. A blue eye with pupil is created. For this eye I used a light weight yarn and a 4mm safety eye.

8. You can also create a bigger eye using a medium weight yarn and a 6mm safety eye (yellow eye). For this bigger eye I only wrapped the yarn 2 times around the needle.

Sorry for the delay in today's post but this was one of those days where everything seems upside down. =)

Happy I Love Yarn Day!!!!

How to... Place Safety Eyes

Quick tips and techniques for amigurumi.

Eyes are one of the most important features of amigurumi, they convey emotion, they can make our little buddies look cute, happy or even crazy! =)

The type of eyes that I usually use on my little buddies is the safety eyes, they come in many different colours and even with different shapes of pupils, and some even have the iris clear so you can paint their back in the colour that you'd like! These types of eyes are very practical and once they are put they are really hard to take off. Believe me I've tried!

You can place the safety eyes directly on the piece, between the stitches (1), or in the center of a magic ring piece and through the main piece (2).


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