How to... Stubborn Safety Eyes

Hello crafty crowd!!! =D

Today I want to show you how to save your fingertips from that menace that is the stubborn safety eye!

As you know I recently bought some safety eyes, but with these ones came washers that I had never seen before (shown in the picture). As I tried them out I became really frustrated with the washers because they are really hard to put on.

I decided that they weren't going to ruin my amigurumi making and so I set myself up to find an easy way to put them on!

Check out the tutorial below to find out how! =)


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How to... Customise Safety Eyes

Recently I've ordered some clear safety eyes, I wanted to play around with customizing them as I needed them instead of buying lots of eyes of different colours.

I ended up experimenting with nail polish, I have lots and lots of nail polish and I though some of them would make great eye colours for my amigurumi projects. First I used some I already had and then, when checking the results I bought some really cheap ones to experiment some more! =D

I just use the brush that comes with the nail polish to paint the back of the clear part of the eyes. Make sure you don't have to much polish on the brush or it will smudge the front of the eye.

Painting safety eyes amigurumi

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How to... Make Amigurumi Eyes with Yarn

Today I wanted to show you that you don't need to use the safety eyes in your amigurumi, you can have fun and cute eyes with just a strand of yarn.

This is specially useful if you don't want round eyes in your amigurumi, if you are making the doll for a baby or small child, or simply because you like to try different things =)

Eyes yarn.jpg

You can have him sick (1), happy (2), sleeping (3) or with its eyes shut (4). You can even embroider two French knots and you get two round eyes (5), or a French knot and a dash and you get a winking amigurumi!

All this with just a small strand of medium weight black yarn.

If you want something more elaborate you can give the eyes a background turning the black dot into the pupil of the eye.

Eyes yarn 2.jpg

1 - Circle

          1: 6sc in Magic Ring and needle join to the first stitch. Attach to the main piece.

2 - Oval

          1: 2sc, 2dc, 2sc, 2dc in Magic Ring and needle join to the first stitch. Attach to the main piece.

3 - 3D

          1: 6sc in Magic Ring

          2: (inc 2) x 6

          3-4: 12sc

          5: (inv dec 2) x 6

          Embroider one French knot on each eye with a contrasting color. Attach the eye to the main piece.

4 - An extra detail for an amigurumi girl: Embroider lashes on the eyes, making it more feminine in one simple step.

And of course you can use what ever colors you prefer, it doesn't have to be black and white. =)

One more time it is confirmed: Yarn is our friend! =D

I hope these are helpful to you!

If you know more ways to use our yarn to make eyes please share!

Happy crocheting!