How to... Make a Cube in Continuous Rounds Part II

As promised, here are the variations to make your amigurumi cubes even more even and pretty!

Learn how to make the corners of your amigurumi cube align every time, how to make your decreases unnoticeable and how to create shaper edges! All while working in continuous crochet rounds!

Crochet amigurumi Gir from Invader Zim

I used them same techniques to create the head for Gir! =D

Check the previous videos to now how to work a crochet square in continuous rounds and then transforme it into a cube!

How to... Make a Cube in Continuous Rounds

You can use amigurumi cubes to make robots, kids games, cubic animals, body parts or normal dice!

This tutorial in the continuation of the one where we made the square in continuous rounds!

To crochet a cube in rounds:

- Work without increases or decreases until you reach the desired height;

- To start to close the cube work the same number of single crochets between the corners as in the last round where you increased;

- To make the corners and close the cube decrease using the single crochet 3 together (sc3tog);

- Always start working the sc3tog in the stitch before the sc3tog on the previous round;

- The stitches between the decreases always decrease by 2.

With these rules you can make cuboid amigurumi in the shapes you like!

Next week I’ll try a couple of variations we can use when making a cube in continuous rounds!