How to... Yarn Hair

I noticed that most of my amigurumi that have hair are girls, the only boy that has hair is FrankenPurse which has a wig that I crocheted with boucle yarn and sewn to its head! So I decided to try out different ways we could style the hair for amigurumi boys. Tutorial Boy volunteered to help me! =)

I cut a few pieces of yarn and attached it to Tutorial Boy's head and the fun began!

Amigurumi Yarn Hair 2.jpg

We tried out many styles! We tried crazy (1), emo (2), pretty boy (3), slicked back (4), punk (5), and messy (6). For the messy look I split the finer threads that make up the yarn.

But we didn't stop here!

Amigurumi Yarn Hair 3.jpg

I used a dog grooming brush with wire bristles to comb Tutorial Boy's hair, I used a piece of cardboard to protect his face (1). Combing the hair with the dog grooming brush gave us an Einstein like effect (2)! We tried to tame it (3), but it just wanted to stay up! We also tried the punk look again and found that the mohawk had more hold this way (4 and 5).

What's your favorite style?

Do you have more styles you want Tutorial Boy to try? Share them in the comments below!

How to... Make Curly Hair with Acrylic Yarn

After the last Light Bulb edition I was left wondering about the people that, for some reason, don't use 100% wool yarn. 

The technique I talked about last time called for 100% wool yarn and so I set myself the goal to find a way to get the curly hair with acrylic yarn. =)

I tried out four new different ways and used the same technique as last time, now with acrylic yarn, as the control. Then I recorded the result, left it alone for 8 hours and took pictures once again for comparison.

All the needles used in the different experiments are 5,5mm (0,22 inches) knitting needles.

The Control: Wet Acrylic Yarn 

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