How to... Crochet an Amigurumi Cylinder

The cylinder is very useful when you want to make shapes that stand on its own. You can use it to make feet, legs, long bodies, hats, barrels, cups... 

Learn how to crochet a cylinder by using these simple rules:

1. Start with a flat circle

Crochet a flat circle with the diameter you want your cylinder to have.

2. Work up and on the back loop

Work without increases or decreases into the back loops only.

3. Increase height

Work without increases or increases until you reach the height you want for your cylinder.

4. Decrease to close

Decrease evenly around on all rounds until you have 8 to 6 stitches.

Important: the first round of decreases must be worked into the back loops.

5. Close and finish off

Close the opening and finish off securing the yarn.

The cylinder is complete and ready to be used! =)


How to... Crochet an Amigurumi Ball

Balls are a very useful form to crochet for your amigurumi! They make great heads, eyes, embellishments, bodies... the imagination is the limit! =)

To crochet an amigurumi ball follow these simple rules:

1. Start with a flat circle

Crochet a flat circle to the width you want your ball to have.

2. Work up

Work the same amount of rounds with no decreases or increases as the number of rounds you increased on. For example: if you started by increasing on 5 rounds, now you need to work 5 rounds without increasing or decreasing.

3. Decrease to close

Decrease evenly around on all rounds until you only have 8 to 6 stitches or less.

4. Close and finish off

Close the opening and finish off securing the yarn.

And that's it! Your ball is finished and ready to use! =D

How to... Magic Ring

The Magic Ring, or Adjustable Ring, is a technique used in crochet to begin a work in the round.

The Magic Ring is a very useful technique when making amigurumi, the ring closes completely unlike the chain two method. 

I prefer to make my Magic Ring with two loops, instead of just one, because I feel that its grip on the stitches is tighter and more secure.

Hope this helps you! If you have any questions let me know!

How to... Stubborn Safety Eyes

Hello crafty crowd!!! =D

Today I want to show you how to save your fingertips from that menace that is the stubborn safety eye!

As you know I recently bought some safety eyes, but with these ones came washers that I had never seen before (shown in the picture). As I tried them out I became really frustrated with the washers because they are really hard to put on.

I decided that they weren't going to ruin my amigurumi making and so I set myself up to find an easy way to put them on!

Check out the tutorial below to find out how! =)


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How to... Customise Safety Eyes

Recently I've ordered some clear safety eyes, I wanted to play around with customizing them as I needed them instead of buying lots of eyes of different colours.

I ended up experimenting with nail polish, I have lots and lots of nail polish and I though some of them would make great eye colours for my amigurumi projects. First I used some I already had and then, when checking the results I bought some really cheap ones to experiment some more! =D

I just use the brush that comes with the nail polish to paint the back of the clear part of the eyes. Make sure you don't have to much polish on the brush or it will smudge the front of the eye.

Painting safety eyes amigurumi

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How to... Finish Off

Certainly you've come across this term when following patterns, but what does it mean and how to go about it? Fear not! Today I'm going to demonstrate several methods to finish off your work!

Finish off just means to cut the working yarn and finalize our work in such a manner that it won't unravel.

Note: If the pattern indicates to "leave a long tail" make sure that you do before cutting the yarn, that tail is going to be used later, probably to attach that piece to another. 

Cut and pull

As you can guess by the name this method just involves cutting the working yarn and pulling it until the end of the yarn becomes loose. 

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How to... Yarn Hair

I noticed that most of my amigurumi that have hair are girls, the only boy that has hair is FrankenPurse which has a wig that I crocheted with boucle yarn and sewn to its head! So I decided to try out different ways we could style the hair for amigurumi boys. Tutorial Boy volunteered to help me! =)

I cut a few pieces of yarn and attached it to Tutorial Boy's head and the fun began!

Amigurumi Yarn Hair 2.jpg

We tried out many styles! We tried crazy (1), emo (2), pretty boy (3), slicked back (4), punk (5), and messy (6). For the messy look I split the finer threads that make up the yarn.

But we didn't stop here!

Amigurumi Yarn Hair 3.jpg

I used a dog grooming brush with wire bristles to comb Tutorial Boy's hair, I used a piece of cardboard to protect his face (1). Combing the hair with the dog grooming brush gave us an Einstein like effect (2)! We tried to tame it (3), but it just wanted to stay up! We also tried the punk look again and found that the mohawk had more hold this way (4 and 5).

What's your favorite style?

Do you have more styles you want Tutorial Boy to try? Share them in the comments below!