How to... Customise Safety Eyes

Recently I ordered some clear safety eyes, I wanted to play around with customizing them as I needed them instead of buying lots of eyes of different colours.

I ended up experimenting with nail polish, I have lots and lots of nail polish and I though some of them would make great eye colours for my amigurumi projects. First I used some I already had and then, when checking the results I bought some really cheap ones to experiment some more! =D

I just use the brush that comes with the nail polish to paint the back of the clear part of the eyes. Make sure you don't have to much polish on the brush or it will smudge the front of the eye.

Painting safety eyes amigurumi

When painting the eyes I place them on top of an old towel so I don't accidentally paint the table. I then leave them to dry upside-down on top of that same towel. After a couple of minutes the nail polish should be dry, but I usually leave them to dry overnight. If you wish you could paint them again once the nail polish dries, I just paint them once.

I've already experimented with a few of the nail polishes, check out the results! =D

White yellow safety eyes amigurumi

White and yellow safety eyes.

Light blue safety eyes amigurumi

Light blue safety eyes.

Blue safety eyes amigurumi

Blue safety eyes.

Green safety eyes amigurumi

Green safety eyes.

Up close =)

Custom safety eyes green yellow white amigurumi

Green, yellow and white safety eyes. The second green from the left has fine sparkles, the others are all mat.

Blue safety eyes custom amigurumi

Blue safety eyes. The first blue also has fine sparkles, the others are all mat. 

Comparing with the bought ones:

Amigurumi safety eyes yellow

On the left is the bought yellow eye, and on the right is the one I painted with yellow nail polish.

Iridescent green safety eyes fine sparkle amigurumi

On the left is the bought iridescent green eye, and on the right is the one I painted with green nail polish with fine sparkles.

Blues safety eyes amigurumi

In the middle is the bought blue eye, and on the sides are the ones I painted with two different blue nail polishes.

I'm really pleased with the results! I can't wait to used them on future amigurumi projects! =D

I think I would only use the bought ones for projects for small children, just to be safe that the nail polish doesn't harm them in any way, but other than that I would use the painted ones, they are cheaper and you can customize them according to the project you are working on. =)

Lets bring out all our nail polishes and paint same gorgeous eyes! =D